About University of Earth

"Wisdom is an ancient tradition, not limited to one particular religious expression but at the headwaters of all the great sacred paths. From time immemorial there have been Wisdom schools, places where men and women have been raised to a higher level of understanding.
  Wisdom has flowed like a great underground stream from these schools, providing guidance and nurturance, as well as occasional sharp course corrections, to the flow of human history."

~Cynthia Bourgeault, The Wisdom Way of Knowing

"The human community and the natural world will go forward as a single sacred community
or we will all face disater."

~Thomas Berry; Cultural Historian & Priest

University of Earth is an eco-spiritual wisdom school dedicated to fulfilling Thomas Berry's call for a single sacred community.  Helping create a world that works for us all, both the human world and "more-than-human worlds" is our fundamental purpose. Founded in 2004, University of Earth is an alternative college following Buckminster Fuller's admonition to "to change something, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." 

Creating an Ecocentric society, a society that values and reveres all life, is the central challenge before us, what Berry calls The Great Work of our times. To this end University of Earth exists.



"The reinvention of the human is the central mission of our times."
~Thomas Berry

Humanity is called to reinvent itself and transition from our Industrial Growth human centered society, a society that has improved the lives of many, but has also brought us many unintended consequences. The extinction crisis, climate change, pollution of our land, water and air, and the increasing possibility of global food and water shortages with our burgeoning global population, requires us to reform our relationship to Earth.  

This reinvention and reformation will require a new way of living in the world.  A central purpose of University of Earth is to explore and practice life enhancing ways of living. 


"The future of this world is so much in question that each person needs to be considered a potential subject of a genuine 'calling' to serve in some meaningful way."
~Michael Meade

University of Earth specializes in assisting people of all ages and stages of life in finding their true life purpose or "calling." We offer affordable and transformative workshops and courses for the general public, CEU workshops for professionals, as well as online graduate level degree and certification programs.

In addition, we offer seasonal gatherings and rites of passage ceremonies and rituals at our Lost Sierra Retreat Center along the beautiful Wild & Scenic Middle Fork of the Feather River. Join us for a personal or group eco-spiritual retreat.

U of Earth Mission & Vision

Degree & Certification Programs

H.E.L.P ~ The Healthy EcoLIving Project

Orientation Course: The Human and Our Sacred Living Universe

"Only when the 'student' is able to identify its own center
with the center of the universe does education really begin."

~Maria Montessori

Reinventing ourselves and society begins with finding our place in the universe. University of Earth reclaims the original intention of the first universities from the twelfth century; to help students find their place in the universe. Finding our place requires answering what it means to be human in these our changing times. This is done through answering the perennial questions of humanity from the perspective of the new science and historical revelations; “Where did we come from?” “Why are we here?” “How are we to live?” and “Who am I?”

Throughout history, it has been the answers to these questions that provide the basis of our creation stories or metanarratives that in turn guide both our behaviors as well as the development and maintenance of societies.

University of Earth’s orientation course; The Human and Our Sacred Living Universe fulfills this intention and is essential in creating a true sustainable world. This course is offered each quarter. 

"This course should be offered in every university!"
~UE student

"It is hard to believe how much we have changed taking this course isn't it."
~UE student to fellow students

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