Our Greatest Threat ~ "...divided we fall."

“Where there is other, there is fear.”
~The Upanishads

Divide and conquer is the oldest mayhem creating strategy in the history of humanity. And while humans have vastly more common needs and shared values than not, it is the ideological polarization rampant in the world today, fomented by the media right and left, that is the greatest threat to our survival and our hope of creating a sane society.


“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.


Let us strive to not let differences divide us! This is our greatest threat and most important work.  The word  El Diablos, the Devil, actually means The Divider. We are by nature undivided. As the quote from Einstein above indicates, validated by the lived experience of the mystics, and as quantum physics now scientifically proves, we exist in an interconnected and interdependent creative field of wholeness that escapes the awareness of most humans.

Where we are divided, we are out of harmony with Creation and the energy of Diablos reigns. Though unseen, this mysterious energetic force, employing the most ancient of tactics of divide and conquer, deceives good hearted humans meaning to do well. When we dig our heels in on what we disagree about, condemn and judge one another, we then become instruments of The Divider and obstructers of the greater Good, True and Beautiful meant to unfold in a Sacred Universe of Differences. Differences of stunning and beautiful complexity and uniqueness. Let us walk away from The Deceivers and The Dividers and create a new world. Every true wisdom tradition teaches these concepts. True Elders know this truth. 

While healthy debate is foundational to a functional democracy, vitriol is deadly. The Red state – Blue state polarization in America that has captured the good hearts of Americans, and most surprisingly, even many of the most spiritually devoted of every faith, is both shocking and heart breaking.  We are all wounded by this debacle, truly a sacred wound, and all deserving of The Purple Heart. America itself has been gravely wounded and paralyzed by the Battle of Red state - Blue state. America itself needs the Purple Heart. Might we ponder the fact that when red and blue mix they create violet and purple, the ancient mystical color of freedom, forgiveness and healing.

American poet and philosopher Robert Bly said it is in our deepest wounds that we can find the gold, where we can find our gifts and the answers to what is asked of us going forward. Might we let this wound lead us toward a sane world as one sacred community.  In our wounded purple hearts we can find the common needs and shared values of all humans. They are much greater than our differences. 

We are being played by the corporation owned media, the propoganda arm of the "Corporatocracy," as they bank billions enflaming our emotions and pitting us, one against the other. Inflating the economy with myriad schemes, and at times collapsing it, all the while becoming richer and richer as if it is some kind sport, while we fight with one another. 

There is a dangerous anger pervading this nation and the world. Anger is considered a secondary emotion that springs forth from pain; and our lashing out at each other is a symptom of our collective deep pain in a world gone mad. Let us not fear to face the pain of our wounded hearts, there is gold there.  Let us not fail to tend to our wounds, and the wounds of each other, red and blue, man and woman, in every race, even to the wounds our "other-than-human" kin and go forward with Purple Hearts, wounded healers of a world gone insane.

Let us be very wary of "The Dividers."  Might we take a break from their divisive hyperbole, tune out these incessant "talking heads," and see how much more peace is natural to us.

As Buckminster Fuller tells us, "You never change things by fighting existing reality, to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." Let us begin to walk away and create a new model.  The Corporatocracy has enslaved the entire world, human and other-than-human, and many know it not. Let them have their obsolete ways of divide and conquer, let them have their money, let them have their power, let them have their wars. Let us walk away, and then, and only then, we will have our dignity and our freedom. Let us begin by forgiving one another, each one, while having compassion for ourselves, always understanding its hard being human, for all of us.The path is purple, it's our shared values and common needs, the way is forgiveness, the destination is freedom. In the spirit of Martin Luther King, might we all proclaim, "Free at last, free at last, thank God Almight, we are free at last!"