HELP ~ Holistic EcoLiving Project


Coming 2023

Live a Life of True Abundance & Deeper Meaning

"You never change things by fighting existing reality. To change something create a new model
that makes the existing model obsolete."
~Buckminster Fuller

We are all called at this particular time in history to create a new model of living that makes the existing model obsolete. We can do this by fulfilling our higher human potentials and offering the unique genius encoded within our hearts, so that all life may prosper. Recent scholarly research tells us these potentials have been violently repressed by those in power, in both science and religion, for thousands of years and known only to a few.

In the Holistic EcoLiving Project you will:
Learn to utilize the sacred spiritual and psychological principles and practices of the Power of Story, Imagination & Invocation, and the science behind them. Sacred powers for creating 
the life your heart longs for and a world that works for us all, human and other than human. 

Learn the principles and practices of regenerative and sustainable living, living a life of true abundance and deeper meaning.

Discover and fulfill your higher potentials and soul purpose that you may bring your unique genius and gifts to our world in need.

In our innovative Trees of Life Economy you earn a living and celebrate just by doing the things we were designed to do as we create a world that works for all life.

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HELP ~ Holistic EcoLiving Project
Throughout the history of humanity there have been times when humans have been required to reinvent themselves and learn to live in a new way, a way never seen before. We now find ourselves in one of those crucial transitional times. The confluence of multiple crisis, both social and ecological, has called us to reinvent humanity and our way of living, calling us to create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

“I don’t know about the future. No one does. Prepare for the very worst, and continue to live with joy and creativity and compassion tirelessly for the very best. Now, more than at any other time in history,
we need those brave enough to gamble everything, come what may, to build a new world.”
~Dalai Lama 

HELP is for those brave enough to gamble everything, come what may, to build a new world, where we will go forward living with joy, creativity and compassion for the very best. We invite you to join us in this great adventure of the age, HELP ~ Holistic EcoLiving Project, creating a world that works for all life.


Creating Islands of Sanity & Beacons of Hope

What is HELP?
HELP ~ Holistic EcoLiving Project is University of Earth’s offering to help us through the “narrow passage” we find ourselves in, called by some, “The Great Turning” or “The Turning of the Ages.” A time of extreme challenges; a time Christians call Armageddon, Hindus call Kali Yuga and science calls Climate Change, call it what you want, we have trouble at our doorstep and disaster on the horizon if we fail learn to live in a new way. It is to this end University of Earth was founded and it is the HELP program that serves that end where we are committed to created Islands of Sanity and Beacons of Hope. 

Our innovative online program offers leading edge concepts and practices for fulfilling our greater human potentials and learning to live regeneratively and sustainably in a mutually enhancing relationship with all of life.  With a commitment of creating a world that works for both humans and non-humans, HELP is part of University of Earth’s greater mission of creating a world that works for us all where the human community, the natural world and the invisible divine worlds go forward as one sacred community. 

“It is difficult to get people to understand something
when their salary requires them not to understand it."
~ Upton Sinclair

Providing a solution to one of the great conundrums of our day, that is, how do we get people to understand something when their jobs within our earth devastating economy requires them not to understand, The Holistic EcoLiving Project offers an opportunity for people to earn money simply by committing to learn to live in a new way and live a life of true abundance and deeper meaning while pursuing one’s passions, fulfilling one’s true-life purpose, and achieving one’s higher human potentials. All while contributing to the Great Work of our times, the reinvention of the human and society. HELP is a program that does not pit profit against the planet or its people, it is a win, win, win for the Planet, People & Profit, in that order. 

With the recognition we are all in this together, both human and non-human, we have tailored the program for people of every walk of life by creating a process where we explore and practice how to become a true EcoCentric & EcoSpiritual people, beginning where you are right now.  The program is designed to remain open and evolving, holding space for the unique contributions of others, as we live the question, How do we create a world that works for us all?

"The central mission of our times is the reinvention of the human, at the species level."
~Thomas Berry Ph.D. 

It is in fulfilling our greater human potential and our true life purpose that we become the reinvented human Thomas Berry has called us to. Like the proverbial pebble dropped in the pond sending ripples outward, as we live into our greater potentials, HELP intends to create Islands of Sanity and Beacons of Hope where those ripples will grow into waves of change.

Program Structure
HELP has five main elements comprised of four cornerstones and a capstone. Those cornerstones are the SO FEW Essentials, The Miracle of We, Our Great Work, The ARC of Transcendence: Arts, Rituals & Celebration, and the capstone, The Trees of Life Economy.

SO FEW Essentials is an acronym for regenerative and sustainable Shelters, Occupations, Food, Energy and Water, the basic essentials we need to provide for ourselves, families, and friends. Here we explore and experiment with methods of achieving those basic necessities of life as the foundation of all else that we may do.

The Miracle of We, here we explore, share and experiment with ways of understanding and sensing the deep interdependence of all life on our beautiful planet and within our sacred living universe, honoring the consciousness abiding in all life that both quantum physics and the mystical traditions indicate. By making this sense of interdependence our way of being in the world and learning to live in mutually enhancing relationships we will bring an unsurpassed joy and sense of belonging to our lives.

Our Great Work is the element where we embrace Berry’s central mission of our times, the reinvention of both the human and our society. Here we borrow from eco-philosophers Joanna Macy and Thomas Berry as we reinvent ourselves and the four central institutional pillars of society, Economics, Education, Government & Politics and Religion.

The ARC of Transcendence is the capstone of the four cornerstones. ARC is an acronym for Arts, Rituals and Celebration. This element is where we share our genius and creativity while we energetically connect with the “otherworlds” that are waiting for humanity to wake up and reinvent itself. In a stunning gesture of compassion and interdependence, all my allies, of the nature kingdoms and the divine realms have made it clear they are with us. It will be this aspect that allows us to keep on, avoiding burnout and hold to the vision of a bright new day.

With The Trees of Life Economy we implement an innovative economic model where sharing, generosity, and abundance for all are the key features. It is this aspect that will make every other aspect of this model successful as we free ourselves from our enslavement to the Economy of Extinction, an economy based on greed, gluttony, competition, and endless consumption.

“When you act on behalf of something greater than yourself, you begin to
feel it acting through you with a power that is greater than your own. This is grace."
~Joanna Macy Ph.D 

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