The Medicine Food & Flower Garden Project

University of Earth's Medicine Food & Flower Garden is part of our greater Healthy EcoLiving Project! (HELP! Create a world that works for all).

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"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food."

Vision & Mission
Many are hearing the call to learn to live in a new way, and local food production is a cornerstone. In keeping with University of Earth’s primary vision and mission of helping create a world that works for all, our vision here is in creating and operating experimental regional medicine food gardens, where food production, education and community celebration thrive. 

Focusing on organic, biodynamics, permaculture and seed saving methods, University of Earth is experimenting with four season food production for our region.  Hosting workshops with experts in these fields and sharing our findings through our courses are integral to the Medicine Food Gardens Project. 

What do we mean by Medicine Food Gardens?
By medicine food we simply mean what Hippocrates states in the quote above; food as medicine, and medicine as food. Increasingly, research is indicating what foods are truly nutritious, regenerating and healing in these changing times. It is our intention to discover those foods and medicines that will produce well in our region with the advent of climate change and an always precarious global economy. 

At U of Earth we ask; What delicious and powerful healing foods and herbs can we compassionately and sustainably cultivate?  Can we help our region be ahead of the curve in providing these foods come what may? Can we create an experimental model that is transferable to other regions. 

Why Medicine Food Gardens (Read More)
U of Earth’s medicine food gardens are part of our innovative Healthy EcoLiving Project (HELP!) featuring the “SO FEW Essentials for EcoLiving.” Food production is one aspect of our experiment in modeling how to create secure and sustainable essentials of Food, Energy & Water (FEW) as well as sustainable Shelters & Occupations (SO) for our region, a larger project which is just getting underway.

Where are the gardens?
U of Earth’s Medicine Food Farm is located on our beautiful forty-acre campus in the Northern Sierra Nevada along the Wild and Scenic Middle Fork of the Feather River at the foot of a Sacred Mountain Landscape.

Located at an elevation of 4400 feet with two springs, a well, and water rights from the river, sourced by "primary water," we are fortunate to be situated in an area that U C Berkeley predicts will weather climate change fairly well as warmer temperatures and potential drought conditions threaten traditional farm lands and trigger species migration.

"In and around the hills, in and around the mountains,
your authority returns to you. Your authority returns to you."
~Pueblo Tewa Prayer


"Give a person food, you feed them for a time.
Teach a person to grow food, you feed them for a lifetime."
~Rich Silver, U of Earth Founder


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