Holotropic Breathwork ~ Radical Self-Empowerment

Seasonal Celebrations
Ceremony & Ritual for
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“All the cultures in human history except the Western industrial civilization have held holotropic states of consciousness in great esteem. They induced them whenever they wanted to connect to other dimensions of reality, to their Deities, and with the forces of nature. They also used them for diagnosing and healing, cultivation of extrasensory perception, and artistic inspiration. They spent much time and energy to develop safe and effective ways of inducing them.”

~Stan Grof, MD, PhD
The Cosmic Game - Explorations of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness

Join us for Holotropic Breathwork!
Fall Equinox Celebration & Ritual

Wholeness, Healing & Self Transformation

When: Sept 25th - 7pm Friday to 11am Sunday - Sept 27th
Where: University of Earth - Graeagle CA - 64274 Hwy 70
Cost: $195 - 235* - Includes Meals & Free Lodging

To register contact: RetreatCenter@UofEarth.org
For more information email: ContactUs@UofEarth.org

or call Rich: 530 368-6325

"Where in the world has that been all my life...and humbled by the mystery of it.
 For here was one of the forms of consciousness entirely different from the ordinary
and yet so close by
 -- separated from normal waking consciousness by . . . what?
A handful of exhalations! "

~Michael Pollan on Holotropic Breathwork
(From his new book How to Change Your Mind)

Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful approach to personal empowerment and self-exploration which relies on our innate inner wisdom and its capacity to move us toward positive transformation and wholeness. 

Created by Stan Grof, considered by many the greatest psychologist of our times, Holotropic Breathwork has dramatically improved the lives of thousands of people. Through accelerated breathing accompanied by provocative music, with eyes closed or covered, the participant enters a "non-ordinary state of awareness" or enhanced state of consciousness where the psyche accesses their unique Higher Self, the "Inner Healer." 

Stan Grof was the last one left standing when the Nixon administration put an end to legal research on the therapuetic efficacy of psychedelics.  So impressive was his research in providing therapuetic assistance through careful scientific administration of psychedelics that he turned his attention toward discovering an alternative; investigating ancient spiritual healing traditions he and his wife Christina crafted the method that would become Holotropic Breathwork. 

University of Earth is honored to bring this amazingly effective process of self-transformation, soul healing and wholeness to our greater community. 

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*As gift in celebration of the seasonal quarters, U of Earth offers this event at less than half the cost you would normally find it in this weekend format at other venues.