The Green Fee Schedule

One of the guiding principles of U of Earth is "make more change in the world, not more money." In other words, while understanding the value of money in our culture, we believe that our services should be affordable and available to all.

Fees are charged for a full hour, not the typical "fifty-minute" hour common in therapy practice today, and are set at less than half the usual $150 per hour rate charged in traditional therapy.

60 minute session: $70.00*
90 minute session: $100.00*
Additional Discounts*

*Additional Discounted Rate:
Creating a new green society is the central mission of University of Earth and with that we have created a fee schedule that we hope encourages that goal. For every hour that our clients spend as a volunteer with a local organization that is bringing forward an Ecocentric society, or creating their own organization or developing their own business enterprise to that end, the client receives a $35 credit toward counseling. These credits can be used to reduce the per hour cost of the counseling session to $35.

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"As mental health professionals find themselves challenged to provide hard evidence that their practices actually work and as costs for traditional modes of health care, including psychotherapy, rise rapidly out of sight, ecotherapeutic methods offer a spectrum of relatively inexpensive earth-based healing approaches backed by a growing body of research."
Linda Buzzell, Founder of the International Association for Ecotherapy