Therapy for our Times

"The great tragedy of our times is that we have gravely underestimated what humans can be."
Roger Walsh; MD, PhD

We at U of Earth are dedicated to helping our clients create and live a meaningful and fulfilling life. It is our belief that through a process of self-discovery and the development of rewarding relationships with the human world, the natural world and the divine worlds that we can fulfill our greatest potentials. Ecotherapy, U of Earth style, blends the value of traditional talk therapy with a deep understanding of our human potentials and a broad spectrum of nature-based therapeutic and spiritual methods. We utilize a Body~Heart~Mind approach that integrates the wisdoms inherent in each of these areas as they reside in the individual, nature and the culture.

Using innovative assessment tools and methods that enhance health, happiness and honoring, you will discover hidden personal strengths that energize your personal intentions and help bring your dreams into reality.

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Why EcoTherapy?

"I have seen counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists all my life. No one has helped me as much as Rich Silver."

There is considerable evidence indicating that our extreme alienation from the natural world, the spiritual realms and our own natural selves is a root cause of many of our personal, relational and social dysfunctions. Put quite simply, EcoTherapy U of Earth style, heals this alienation. EcoTherapy is effective and affordable with an ultimate goal of teaching clients how to let Nature become the primary therapist.

Why Ecotherapy? Consider Naturalist John Muir’s words, "Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares will drop like falling leaves." Recent studies show that regular immerion in nature activates the love and altruism centers in the brain. While time in nature has its “stand alone” benefits, we at U of Earth teach nature practices that enhance, expand and deepen the therapeutic effects of time with nature, whether that be with indoor plants, your garden or backyard, the local park or the wilderness.

Nature or Meditation?

Study after study has indicated the therapeutic value of meditation. Research tells us with sustained effort of a year or more, a dedicated novice meditator may learn to sustain an alpha brain wave state for a few hours and gain the benefits thereof. And yet, in a study conducted by a neuroscientist at Tom Brown's Tracker School, found that people who had never meditated in their lives could sustain deep alpha states for hours after only forty-eight hours in the wilderness.


What is EcoTherapy?

"Ecotherapy: the green method for mental health should become
a treatment option for people..."
National Association of Mental Health, UK

Described as an umbrella term for nature-based methods of physical and psychological healing, Ecotherapy represents a new form of psychotherapy that acknowledges the vital role of nature and addresses the human-nature relationship (Buzzel & Chalquist 2009).

Ecotherapy is the practical application of the academic discipline of Ecopsychology. On the subject of Ecopsychology, Jane Goodall writes, this should be "... of enormous interest for everyone concerned with the future of our species - environmentalists and legislators, industrialists and educators, you and me. Its message should become part of Western thought."

Engendering the deepest understanding of the claim, "We are all in this together," Ecotherapy is a relational modality which facilitates the discovery and fostering of a deeper understanding of self and others, of culture, nature and Spirit. Ecotherapy is an antidote to the malaise that has entranced our culture, the insatiable desire to "have more" and fulfills a deeper truth, the desire to "become more."