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What is the Evidence of The Beings of Light?
Decades of psychological research in Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) examining the experiences of everyday people leave researchers to conclude there is indeed other dimensions beyond our three-dimensional reality that exist where “Beings of Light” reside.

Stanislav Grof MD, a preeminent research psychologist of our time, along with many of his colleagues, have compiled over 50 years of research examining the experiences of hundreds of thousands of clients having what he calls “non-ordinary states” of awareness.  The unequivocal conclusion of his research is that other dimensions beyond our three-dimensional reality exist, which he calls the Archetypal Realm, a realm inhabited with other beings, the “Beings of Light."   

Throughout history the Divine Worlds have been referred to by many names, called the Ancestral Realm by indigenous peoples, and known by others as the Subtle Realm, Imaginal Realm, Archetypal Realm, and the Heaven World. These higher dimensions, invisible to the rational mind, are the home of vast numbers of more evolved beings that serve earth’s evolution and counsel humankind.

This higher frequency dimension of reality is a reality the rational mind is incapable of perceiving. It Is important to note, brain imaging research shows the part of the brain associated with the ego and the rational mind has limited neural activity during “non-ordinary states” of awareness, apparently allowing for the brain’s capacity for perception of a greater reality. Additionally, brain wave research concludes there is a major difference between the brain waves of normal rational mindedness and the brain waves of those experiencing "non-ordinary" states of awareness. We might remember, it is commonly known that we only utilize a small percentage of our brain's capacity. As it turns out, the rational mind, the pride of science, has an extremely limited ability to perceive reality and a greater truth.

Physics, the quintessential science, has something to add here as well as many physicists agree that we exist in a multidimensional reality. Physics String Theory posits over 10 different dimensions. While experiments in quantum physics consistently indicate an unfathomable potential within a multidimensional reality, often referred to as the "Field of Infinite Potential." In a 2005 article in the prestigious conservative science journal Nature on the quantum universe the final sentence reads, "The Universe is immaterial -- mental and spiritual. Live. Enjoy."

In addition, quantum physics as the most verified of all scientific theories, provides irrefutable experimental evidence of the strange nature of reality with its’ principles of nonduality, nonlocality and entanglement all of which lend themselves to help explain the mystifying behavior of the Beings of Light.

When University of Toronto psychology professor and researcher Joel Witton tried to find out the identity of the Beings who were reported to counsel people in another realm in between their lives on Earth, he said, “The impression my subjects gave – the ones who would answer the question – was that these were Beings who had completed their cycle of incarnations here.” 

Who Are They?
Called by a number of names, these are the ascended masters, part of a community of cosmic beings, angels, saints and sages of all ages, residing in a higher dimension, dedicated to the evolution of all life on Earth. These beings are ready in every instant to assist us here in our lives on Earth, it is their Dharma! In an amazing act of cosmic reciprocity, we actually assist them in their own evolution by invoking their service. We are truly all in this together. However, cosmic law prohibits their entry into the realms of "free will" without invitation, such as here on Earth. They must be called into action. Governed by the cosmic law, "The Call Compels the Answer," though often imperceptible, they answer without prejudice every sincere call for guidance, assistance and protection. 

Consciousness researcher and Zen master, Ken Wilber, considered the "Einstein of consciousness" says this about the subtle or archetypal realm and his excursions to the higher dimensions, "The subtle is the realm of symbolic visions; of audible illuminations and brightness upon brightness; it is the realm of higher presences, guides, angelic forms, ishtadevas, and dhyani-buddhas.” 

Continuing, Wilber reports, "The experiences of the subtle realm can be, and usually are, quite extraordinary, awesome and profound.  For this is the realm of the archetypes of the archetypal deity — confrontation with which is always numinous, as Jung pointed out.  This was a very real and intense period for me: it was my first unequivocal experience of the actual sacredness of the world, this world which, as Plotinus said, emanates from the One and plays as an expression of It. Oh, I had earlier had brief and initial glimpses into the subtle realm - and even the causal beyond it - but I had not yet really been introduced to, or initiated into that realm. A Zen Master once said that the proper response to the first strong kensho, or initial insight or awakening, is not to laugh but to cry, and that is exactly what I did, for hours, it seemed. Tears of gratitude, of compassion, of unworthiness, and finally, of infinite wonder."

In 1983 at age 30, University of Earth founder Rich Silver had his first encounter with these Beings when a series of seeming miracles led him to a lecture about the Ascended Masters. At the time he had been studying and practicing the teachings of Paramahansa Yoganada for several years. Yogananda had taught, when the student is ready the teacher must appear, but we must demand the teacher to come. Rich had made that demand just days before, and "the call compelled the answered." His life changed forever after that lecture, to a life of inner infinite wonder and gratitude, even as he negotiated the challenges of everyday life. The first-person story of that encounter and his ongoing relationship with them is linked here. 

"Beloved ones, you do not walk alone. No matter what men may declare to the contrary, without the assistance of many wonderful Beings of Light, I would never have been successful in my own mission. Surely, then, if it was needful for me to have cosmic assistance from the Great Ones,
you too should feel the need to call it forth."
Jesus - The Lost Teachings 

Why isn’t this common knowledge?
Renowned research psychologist and founder of Transpersonal Psychology, Abraham Maslow stated, “We have made studies of peak experiences…apparently the transcendent realities and ecstasies had all been kept private because there was no way of speaking about them in public. They are sort of embarrassing, shameful, not ‘scientific’—which for many people is the ultimate sin.” 

Why is it the ultimate sin if it is not scientific? Departure from the dominant paradigm of a culture, the mainstream "story" of reality, is a dangerous proposition. We might remember that Galileo was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment for heresy for claiming the Earth rotated around the Sun. Giordano Bruno was burnt at the stake for failing to recant his belief in other planetary bodies. These tragic accounts are endless in human history. We might remember the "witch hunts" of our not-too-distant past. Even today the corporate media tells us the story it wants us to believe and the "social media titans" sensor what can be posted, thereby attempting to control the mainstream story of reality. 

However, as Francis Bacon said, "Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority." It took over a hundred years for Heliocentric theory, the fact earth rotates around the sun, to be accepted by the mainstream conventional thinkers. The father of quantum physics Max Planck tells us that science advances one funeral at a time. Or more precisely: “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” 

Today over a hundred years after quantum physics began to bring forth its deeper mind-boggling truths it remains heretical to conventional thinkers. And while the existence of the "Beings of Light" is an ancient truth now beginning to re-emerge in the "Turning of the Ages," a truth meant to assist us as we reinvent society, we face the risk of being ostracized if we speak publicly in the mainstream about our relationship with them. Ostracization is a human’s greatest fear and fear of being labeled crazy or insane perhaps more terrifying still, as institutionalization or the pharmaceutical straight jacket await.

The common refrain from the so-called authorities is one is either psychotic or a victim of magical thinking common to primitive people if we dare share our relationship with the other realms. Environmental psychologist, James Swan says, “In Western society, if one talks to God, it is called prayer, but if God talks back to someone, it is symptomatic of psychosis. In contrast among shamanic cultures, if spiritual voices do not come one is considered mentally ill."

In the thousands of years of human history it is only the last century or so that humans have not spoken freely about Beings in other dimensions. And while life imprisonment for speaking against the truth and authority of the time is no longer evident in the free world in the same way as Galileo’s time, social pressures restrict our conversations to a narrow range of what is acceptable and sane, especially in public. It has simply been taboo in public circles to talk about the spiritual beings from other dimensions, leaving this realm widely unknown and poorly understood.

However, while reports of encounters with Beings from other dimensions could still get you an unfavorable and career threatening diagnosis from the "authorities" of the scientific, medical, and pharmaceutical establishment, we can now conclude that it is the "authorities" that hold a restrictive primitive belief system, and as in "shamanic cultures," it is they who are mentally ill and need treatment.

"The failure of modern psychology to appreciate the potential value of such common perceptions
as hearing voices and visions is a serious limitation of the existing Western belief system.”
~ James Swan, PhD


Why are these dimensions not perceived more readily?
The primary reason we do not perceive a broader span of reality is the limitations of the rational mind, 
as was mentioned above. The rational mind is the dominant mind active in the human brain in this era and lacks the capacity to perceive higher dimensions. The rational mind’s locus in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, is only part of the brain and in fact can perceive only in parts, it cannot perceive in wholes. Not only does it perceive in parts, it engages the ego and has a habit of picking things apart and then judging what it likes and dislikes, often condemning what it dislikes. And while this may have served our survival and evolution, when the rational mind is divorced from our other natural ways of knowing, as it is now, it becomes an ego pathology.  

It would be wise to remember that science emerged from the "illuminations" of mystics; Einstein waxed poetically about this, saying, "The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is good as dead." 

Today, rationality and science are favored above all other ways of knowing and in general “demonizes” alternative ways of perceiving truth. For all the good rationality and science may have brought to the world, renowned anthropologist and social scientist Gregory Bateson stated, "The rational mind alone is pathological by its nature."  The human development research genius, Jean Gebser says rationality divorced from other ways of knowing becomes "diabolic." Hiroshima anyone?  At University of Earth we teach trans-rational knowing and awareness, a way of knowing that includes and transcends rationality. 

The Story is the Problem
Another factor limiting our awareness of a broader spectrum of reality is the storied nature of humans.  As indicated in Susan Cook Greuter's human development model, due to the powerful cognitive nature of humans, we perceive reality and who we believe ourselves to be through the lens of the conventional story we are taught about reality.

U of Earth founder, Rich Silver demonstrated experimentally in his doctoral dissertation that the story you are told about something determines how you will see it and can make it difficult to see it in another way, even when it is obvious. Early "programing" of the mind, much like computer programing, determines what we will perceive, leading Aristotle to claim, "Give me a child for the first seven years and I will show you the man." 

Given these important insights of the power of story in shaping our perceptions it is important to reflect on our current culturally dominant scientific "story."  The story that we exist in a random, soulless, meaningless three-dimensional universe. This is the story conventional education teaches us which then becomes the universe most modern people perceive. Other dimensions inhabited by more evolved beings, validated by many studies, remains imperceptible to most humans; the sacredness of our universe lost in the soulless rational quest for insatiable material gain and profits. 

Add to the limits of the rational mind and the storied nature of humans, the fear of being labeled, ostracized, and demonized by family, friends and the authorities leave many of us unwilling to talk about our "non-ordinary" experiences. People often report dismissing those perceptions as imaginary. While others simply are unwilling to peer into other dimensions as mystics and shamans have always done throughout the ages.  

And yet, as the mystics of every tradition know, those dimensions are there for anyone with the courage and discipline to peer in. In the words of the Sufi mystics, apparently surprised by the strangeness that physical reality arises from a spiritual reality, found, "by meditating and venturing deep into the psyche one arrives in an inner world that turns out to envelope, surround and contain that which at first was outer and visible." This is the biblical "The kingdom of heaven is within you and around you."

The Beings of Light are dedicated to the evolution of all life on Earth. Awaiting the "Call" to be invited into your life!  Cooperators are standing by!

"Without the assistance of these wonderful Beings of Light
I would never have been successful in my own mission."
Jesus, The Lost Teachings