The Work That Reconnects & Heliotropic Breathwork


A Regenerative Mountain Retreat 
Healing ourselves - Healing the world
September 28th -  Oct 2, 2022

Expand your capacity to connect with nature, spirit and your deepest self. When we realize our radical interconnectedness with all peoples and species, we become part of the Earth healing herself.  

Join us for a four-day retreat in the Work That Reconnects (WTR) and  Heliotropic BreathWork at the University of Earth in the beautiful Sierra Mountains.                

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Constance Washburn and Mutima Imani, co-directors of the Spiral Journey Facilitator Development Program in the Work That Reconnects are offering this retreat in collaboration with Rich Silver,  Founder of the University of Earth and Holotropic Breathwork practitioner.  

Through the Work That Reconnects practices and Heliotropic BreathWork we are able to move through our anxiety, grief and pain for the challenges in the world that are thrown in our faces daily.  We find our deep interconnection and our power to act on behalf of life.  

It is essential that we do this work now. This precise moment is an opportunity for unprecedented transformation, a time to root into the wisdom of our living planet, heal our divisions and foster our resilience to take part in this transformation known as the Great Turning.

This retreat fulfills the requirement for the WTR experience needed to apply to the Spiral Journey Facilitator Development Program. 

Retreat cost includes room and all meals. Price options are in relation to the accommodation chosen: bring your own tent $755, shared room $885 or single room $985. Partial scholarships will be available based on enrollment. 

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We look forward to spending a transformative weekend with you.