Why Regional Medicine Food Gardens

Why a regional medicine food garden?
In a twist to an old adage, University of Earth’s Medicine Food Garden Project believes, Give people food and you feed them for a time, teach people to grow food and feed them for a lifetime. 

The perfect storm of climate change with its looming challenges for food production, along with depleted soils robbing our food of essential nutrients and federal dietary standards based on faulty science leading to disease, inspires U of Earth in its experimental medicine food project.

The concept “you are what you eat” has ancient origins which displays itself in plain view as the modern diet brings western society to its knees. Rampant disease, within a faltering health care system, serves as a wakeup call for all who yearn for a healthy, happy and authentic life.  The relationship between our diet and health is not new, even in America; after all the original intention of the USDA & FDA, before the “corporatocracy,” was maintaining a healthy populace.

Even while faulty science informed America’s dietary standards for decades and has actually contributed to the epidemics of cancer, heart disease and the growing number of autoimmune diseases, new science is bringing greater clarity to the relationship between our food and our health and happiness. The notion that genes are the main cause of disease is losing traction and recent research out of the University of Cambridge’s Francis Crick Institute claims the food we eat actually alters our genes (February 2016). 

Additionally, our unstable national and world “growth” economy that sustains itself by devouring our planet demands we reinvent our way of living in the world.  There is an old proverb, “without vision the people perish,” and the vision of a life sustaining way of living in the world is fast becoming the zeitgeist or spirit of the times.  University of Earth holds to that vision and spirit.