Why Get a Degree at U of E

Program Overview:
All degree programs at University of Earth are designed to prepare students for our changing times while developing a skill set that will give them the best possible opportunity to create a sustainable career path in their chosen field. Through combining a scholarly pursuit of knowledge, the practical application of that knowledge and adopting personal practices of the student's choice that facilitate the development of the individual's greater potentials students are prepared to become leaders in their communities.

Why get a degree through U of Earth?
Most importantly, the Earth needs you! And it needs you to be you; to bring your particular gifts and genius to the world. At University of Earth we are dedicated to assisting students discover their true life purpose and gifts.

Scholars claim that the missing ingredient in real sustainable development is greater human development. University of Earth offers the most comprehensive and sophisticated, research based, human development program anywhere.

Cultural historians remind us that societies have been required to reinvent themselves on a number occasions. The key indicators of when that time has come is when the four central institutional pillars of society, education, politics, economics and religion become ineffective and fail to provide appropriate solutions to society's major challenges. The consensus among lay people and scholars is we are currently in that time. At University of Earth we investigate what a reinvented society looks like.

As Harvard's Howard Gardner states, "Current formal education still prepares students for the world of the past, rather than potential worlds of the future." U of Earth has created a new model of education appropriate for our changing times.

Our degree and certification programs are innovative, sustainable, affordable and flexible. We believe our graduate programs are the most comprehensive degree programs in the field of EcoPsychology & Spiritual Ecology.  The program offers students the opportunity to gain a deep awareness of our greater human potentials, potentials essential for our future and in creating a life sustaining society.  Students graduate from our programs with a mastery of knowledge and skills that allow them to become leaders in their communities while providing expert assistance and guidance for others in their lives.

What can I do with this degree?
First and foremost, you will become a more amazing member of our species. Students who complete the curriculum and diligently apply the varied aspects as well selected core practices to their lives will find themselves well prepared to offer their gifts to the world. Put simply, you will be better at whatever you do, whether that be developing relationships, raising a family, pursuing a career, contributing to your community or helping to create a sustainable future.

But, can I earn a living with this degree?
Truth be told, that question can be asked about any degree.  Unfortunately, having a degree does not necessarily indicate the mastery of a skill set or the possibility of finding work in your field; this has become a common concern across many fields.

Research in the efficacy of counseling and psychotherapy practice indicates, that overall, for people entering therapy, one-third get better, one-third don't change and one-third get worse. The primary feature of effectiveness of therapy appears to be the level of human development of the therapist and the client-counselor match. At U of Earth personal development is as important as scholarly knowledge.

So yes, you can earn a living as a scholar-practitioner of EcoPsychology/EcoTherapy and Human Development.  With the right combination of entrepreneurial skills and mastery of the skill set offered through our curriculum establishing a successful private practice is promising.  The uniqueness of the skill set offered through U of Earth will set graduates apart in the emerging field of Ecotherapy and EcoLife Coaching.

Join our faculty.
To meet our primary mission of helping reinvent society, the educational model we have created at U of Earth provides for the expansion of mentors for our faculty.  Students dedicated to fulfilling U of Earth's primary mission while graduating with highest honors and displaying an exceptional mastery of both the scholar and practitioner aspects of their curriculum will be eligible to join our faculty and gain a sustainable career opportunity. Thus fulfilling a secondary aspect of U of Earth's mission of creating sustainable careers.