A West African Djembe Workshop

In The Beginning Was The Drum!

Researchers tell us, not only did humans drum before they spoke words, but drumming itself may have evoked human language. The drum is the primeval human instrument. Science indicates drumming has a host of health benefits while strengthening the immune system, certainly of importance to us all in these times. Certain rhythms can induce the alpha brain wave states sought by meditators. Come drum with us, it's fun!

What:  West African Djembe Workshop

When: Saturday, September 17, 2022

Where: University of Earth’s Outside Ampitheater at Graeagle,                              California

Cost: $100 ~ Drum included if needed (maximum of 25 participants)

Contact Taylor for more info & registration


Join us at the beautiful University of Earth Campus along the National Wild & Scenic Feather River for a one day African Djembe Workshop with Liz Broscoe.  This workshop is for all levels from novice to experienced. 

Liz Broscoe, AKA Drumchik, is an educator, teaching artist, author and long time professional drummer. Her fun and very "User Friendly" approach to sharing and teaching the West African Djembe and Dunun drums is a reflection of her passion for the instrument and culture, as well as her years of diverse teaching experiences with kids, adults and at-risk youth.

Liz's workshops aim to inspire, enrich and engage all participants. As she frequently says, "We are not just drumming - there is so much more going on, and I am just the lucky one who gets to facilitate the experience."

For more info on Liz, check out the links below.
Sample Drum Lesson with Liz Broscoe

This workshop includes: 

  • Simple fun warm-ups for developing skills and technique
  • Working with West African rhythms and their many layered parts
  • Discussion and practice of “Downbeat”
  • Putting it all together “Synergistically”
  • Discussion of cultural and historical significance
  • (Optional) Workshop will conclude with a sound bath using singing crystal bowls and the “Hang” instrument, AKA: “Handpan Drum.” (Will be indoors at Main Yurt)


         9-10am:   For those who have little or no experience, spend an hour before the workshop with Liz                                 for an overview

        10-12:30:   Morning Session

        12:30-2pm: Bring your lunch and picnic, swim, relax wander the trails along the beautiful Feather                                   River

         2pm - 4pm:  Afternoon Session

         4:30 - 5:15:  Soundbath with Crystal Bowls and Handpan Drum (optional)

Make a weekend of it!  Limited lodging in one of our delightful antique cabins is available, camping or our yurts are also an option for those who want to make it a weekend retreat. 
Contact taylor@uofearth for availability and pricing.