University of Earth Campus Retreat Center

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"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher."
~William Woodsworth

Located at the edge of the northern Sierra Nevada's Mohawk Valley along California's Scenic Hwy 70, University of Earth's campus is the perfect place for the "Great Work" of our times; the reinvention of self and society. 

Nestled at the foot of an ancient Sacred Mountain Landscape with nearly a mile of the National Wild and Scenic River, the Middle Fork of the Feather winding through its forty acres, students and visitors have the opportunity to explore and experiment with a fundamental concept of U of Earth; Nature as the primary teacher and healer.

Our Campus Retreat Center provides visitors and outside organizations a setting for rest, relaxation, workshops and personal transformation. Delightfully appointed, our five historic cabins provide comfortable indoor lodging for up to 30 people.

"Come to the mountains, get their good tidings..."
~John Muir

Tucked away in wooded areas around campus our yurts offer unique and serene lodging opportunities. 


Riverside camping, sitting areas and hammocks make our campus retreat center just what the doctor ordered, proving Jung's claim of "Enchantment is the oldest form of medicine."


The campus offers a crucible to experiment with regenerative sustainable living practices for both residents and visitors.

Promoting what we call The FEW Essentials; secure and sustainable Food, Energy and Water, U of Earth is currently developing courses and plans for modeling sustainable water use, as well as food and energy production for our region. 

Given the ongoing threats of Climate Change and an ever vulneralbe global econonmy our Medicine Food & Flower Garden Project is well underway. Dedicated to an experiment of discovering the most healing, nutritious and delicious foods and herbs we can grow in our region.

Utlizing biodynamic and organic principles we have determined nearly 70 species that we can grow that are beneficial for the major diseases plaguing America in epedemic proportion; Cancer, Heart Disease and the plethora of Auto Immune Diseases.

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Earth Skills & Nature Awareness

With our commitment to human development for all ages, U of Earth is looking to reopen its program to provide nature awareness and primitive skills training for youth, adolescents and families in the near future. Research indicates that people, especially adolescents, that possess basic survival skills have more stable and higher levels of self-esteem. Our secluded Medicine River Primitive Camp offers the perfect setting for deep nature immersion and transformational experiences.

Nature Wandering

J. R. R. Tolkein told us, "Not all those who wander are lost." to that we would add, And those who never wander are truly lost. Simply spending time wandering in nature is healing to the psyche. The campus sports trails for hiking and snowshoeing with striking views of the river and mountain peaks. Nature study, swimming, fishing and camping are favorite activities. The beautiful sitting areas and campsites along our Riverside Trail offer a wonderful opportunity for outdoor study and nature immersion. Perhaps you will meet our resident river otters, beavers and eagles.           


The campus is surrounded on three sides by U. S. Forest Service land. The beautiful historic Plumas Eureka State Park and Lakes Basin National Recreation Area are minutes away providing additional re-creational opportunities.To add a nostalgic reminder of our urban-industrial age in transition, the Western Pacific railway snakes along the river the length of the property.

Enchanting glacial carved mountain peaks, lakes and waterfalls adorn the backcountry offering hiking, biking, skiing and deep nature immersion here in the Lost Sierra.

Local Amenities

Sierra Hot Springs, considered a sacred healing place by indigenous peoples, is about twenty-five minutes away. A  U of Earth shuttle service is available during certain times of the year. A small country grocery store, bakery, lodging and several restaurants are five minutes away in nearby Blairsden-Greagle.

Come! A riverside hammock awaits you in the warm winter sun.
University of Earth awaits you.

"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher."
~William Woodsworth