The Sacred Union: Dancing with the Inner Beloved

When: Friday, Sept 27 - Monday Sept 30
Where: The Lost Sierra Retreat Center ~ University of Earth
Cost: $495 includes lodging & meals
(partial scholarships may be available)

For more information and registration contact Silvia Escobedo at:

Do you have a desire for greater wholeness and personal fulfillment? Or perhaps you would like to improve your relationship with your partner and others? The Sacred Marriage is the key.

From the ancient wisdom traditions to the mystical spiritual teacher Jesus, from renowned psychologist Carl Jung to contemporary teacher Anyaa McAndrew, the Sacred Marriage has been taught as an essential element of becoming Whole and embodying our Unique Divine Nature.

“One can never reach perfection, one can only reach completion.”
~Carl Jung

You will:
Discover the nature of your Inner Beloved, your inner masculine or feminine.
Learn ways of bringing them alive within you complimenting your outer nature.
Learn about the Stages of Development of your Inner Beloved.
            Stage I – Childhood Wounding
            Stage II – Relationships as projections
            Stage III – Transforming our unknown shadow aspects into gifts.
Discover the “complexes” that challenge our relationships and how to work with them.
Learn methods for completing the work of the Sacred Marriage leading to greater inner peace, joy and happiness.

Join Anyaa McAndrew for an exploration toward greater wholeness, health and completion. Emerging from her decades of experience working as a transpersonal-shamanic psychotherapist Anyaa has developed a method of integrating the opposites within ourselves, a method of becoming more whole and complete.

Anyaa McAndrew is a seasoned psychotherapist, an ordained high priestess, and a spiritual guide, residing in Western NC USA. For the past 18 years, Anyaa has created and facilitated several versions of priestess initiation work in the US and internationally, integrating a lifetime of therapeutic work with women. Anyaa is also a Master Shamanic Astrologer, Shamanic BreathworkTM Practitioner, Imago Couples Therapist, an early trauma specialist, and Sacred Sexuality Educator. Steeped in the Feminism of the early 70’s, Anyaa now calls herself a “Divine Feminist” She enjoys bringing her 44 years of wisdom and experience to facilitating the personal journey and the couple’s journey, co-leading grand adventures around the world and working on her own inner and outer Sacred Marriage. She can be contacted through her website: