Conscious Elderhood

"As the baby boomers approach their elder years— indeed, as all older adults make the transition into what sociologists call the third age— they need a psychospiritual model of development that enables them to complete their life journey, harvest the wisdom of their years,
and transmit a legacy to future generations."

~ Schachter-Shalomi,  From Age-ing to Sage-ing

Creating a society that works for us all requires the recreation of true elderhood. While our anthropocentric society promotes a life of retirement in our later years, what depth psychologist Bill Plotkin calls "pasture & playland," without true elders taking up their historic social role of mentoring the youth, the adolescents and adults, as well pursuing their particular form of "sacred activism," a true eco-spritual society is impossible.

Don't Retire ~ Refire! 

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