Cabin Pet Policy

We love having our guests’ four-legged friends at our pet friendly cabins, which are Little Feather (No. 6), Mt. Elwell (No. 5) and Eureka Peak (No. 3).  Our guests’ comfort and peace of mind come first; the good behavior of your pet is imperative.  Help us continue our “pets welcome policy”, by following the policy items below  —  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

  • ALL PETS MUST BE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES WHILE AT THE CABIN AREA!  Even if your dog is “nice”, other dogs may not be as cordial.  Most guests would prefer the option to greet a dog as opposed to having a greeting forced upon them by your family pet.  Pets may be off leash at the river, unless other guests and/or dogs are present.  Please note that Plumas National Forest , such as the Lakes Basin Recreation Area, does not have a leash law on hiking trails (unless specifically marked otherwise).
  • If your pet’s behavior, lack of leashing on the grounds, and/or noise level disturbs the enjoyment of the other guests, we reserve the right to request that you vacate your cabin.  You will be financially responsible for the entire reservation.
  • It is imperative that you pick up after your pet promptly and dispose of waste in the dumster, which is centrally located in the cabin area.
  • Pets are NEVER allowed on beds in the cabins – they may be on living room furniture if you lay a towel or sheet down first!  Comforters soiled and/or covered with dog hair will result in a $100 laundry fee.
  • Please do not use the tubs and/or showers to wash your pets!  We will charge you a $100 cleaning charge for non-compliance.
  • Please do not use your towels to wash and dry your pet!  You will be charged for any towels or linens that are no longer useable.
  • We ask that your pet not be left unattended in or or outside the cabin.  If your pet is crate-trained, they may be left inside during your short absence.
  • If any pet-related cleaning, repairs, or medical expenses are needed due to your pet’s behavior or habits, you will be financially responsible for expenses incurred by us or other guests.
  • A maximum of two pets are allowed per cabin.  Any exceptions must be reviewed and approved by management PRIOR to your check-in date – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Rate is $40 per pet, per length of stay.