Sustainability Managment Program Overview

Sustainability Management Degree Program

The University of Earth Sustainability Management Degree Program is designed to help students understand and embrace the importance of managing natural resources at the community and regional level. The SM program will engage students in a learning process which includes considerable time and experience in the “field.”  Throughout the SM Program students will develop the knowledge, skills and access to resources that enable them to become the future stewards of community and regional natural resources helping promote and create vibrant, prosperous communities.

 SM students will learn about the three spheres of green business whose mission and goals balance the need for a healthy planet, a strong economy and healthy individual and community environments within an equitable society.  U of Earth students, upon graduation, will be prepared to take leadership roles in their communities as Sustainability Managers. 

While Sustainability Managers are charged with creating “green jobs” they also get involved in developing, reviewing and assessing community and regional level greenhouse gas assessments. These assessments are required in California through Assembly Bill (AB) 32 the Greenhouse Gas Solutions Act.  Communities in California and elsewhere will be required to not only assess business and community level GHGs, they will also be required to create and implement Sustainability Action Plans (SAPs).  Students from out of state will be required to become familiar with their state’s regulations.

One of the premises of the SM program is to become familiar with the Million Green Communities (MGC) 501c3 model of “greening” communities.   MGC has developed many useable models and tools designed to assist SMs in effectively managing their community’s natural resources. Students will learn to work with Government, education, utilities, non-governmental organizations, activists and so forth to create effective plans and strategies to help communities become successful models of Sustainability Management. Part of a student’s training will involve conflict resolution to help the students once they become SMs to be able to effectively work with groups and individuals with different opinions of how “the work” should be conducted.  Another resource students will learn about is the ICLEI “greening communities” model and tool kit.                                                                                                                                                           

The Sustainability Management Program will begin with core courses that give students the big picture of what is going on with the use of the Earth’s natural resources including impact on the environment, economy and people. Students will also be introduced to an overview of regional sustainability activities covering northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe, Truckee and surrounding communities. This overview will include identification of groups, organizations and other entities that have programs and projects in place that work towards implementing effective regional sustainability management.

Students will learn practical and useful sustainability management skills which will give them the best opportunity to serve as an intern and/or gain employment with one or more sustainability oriented entities. This program is designed to help you make the community you call home one of a "million green communities" and to help create a society that works for all.