Sustainability Managment Program Director ~ Scott Terrell

Scott’s mission since the age of 14 was to become an active participant in society to make the world “a better place” through environmental actions. Scott soon learned that there needed to be a balance between the human economy, the environment and the well-being of all species; including equality of humans of all backgrounds and cultures.  Scott’s adventure and developing belief in Sustainability started when he began his excursions into the Sierra Wilderness and learned an appreciation for wild places, places where all species could experience “peace and quiet” and beauty without the constant presence of “man” and his many worldly creations.

Scott attended Humboldt State University receiving both a B.S. in Natural Resources Planning and a M.A. in Energy and Environmental Education. The degree work was the foundation for developing knowledge and an enhanced appreciation for nature, our ecosystems, and the complicated dynamics between humans need for and use of our natural resources and how it affects all natural ecosystems.  Scott received his practical, hands-on, sustainability experience while at HSU through his involvement at the HSU Campus Center for Appropriate Technology; where he was a Founder and Co-Director.

Following graduation he spent the next 30 years developing, implementing and managing community-wide energy, water efficiency, renewable energy and green building programs for three CA utilities and communities. Scott’s goal and effort as a 30 year green professional was to share the value and benefit of sustainability strategies and partner with all interested individuals, groups and agencies to conserve and manage natural resources in those communities. During his career, Scott received 12 National, State, Regional and Community awards for his high impact natural resource conserving programs. Two of Scott’s favorite awards are the Truckee Green Hero award received in 2009 from Alpine Green Living magazine and Regional Sustainability Leader award from the Northern Nevada Architect’s Institute of America (AIA), received in 2007.  Scott retired from the CA electric industry as a “green guy” in 2012.

Developing and teaching college sustainability courses became Scott’s next career move and focus beginning in 2004. Scott has developed and taught these courses for 7 colleges to date and began discussions with University of Earth in 2012 to create a Community Sustainability Management degree program.  Teaching college courses in energy and water auditing and management, renewable energy, green building and living, sustainability and green careers has provided Scott the experience, knowledge and expertise to create a solid U of Earth program. Scott performed his Master’s thesis in Experiential Education and firmly believes in learning by doing, leading him to include extensive hands-on opportunities in the program.

A personal invitation

Dear Prospective Students,

After living in the Tahoe area for over 20 years I have developed many relationships with green non-profits, agencies and other entities and plan to work with U of Earth students in finding projects, internships and future employment  with these entities as part of your study and beyond.  I also will be using my home as a residential demonstration and tool of sustainable energy and water use, where we have an almost Net 0 home. Currently we are going 7-8 months of the year without an electric bill.

I look forward to working with you to find the balance we seek in some form of sustainability, that we as humans are still trying to define and understand and assisting each of you in discovering the area(s) of sustainability that you both enjoy and thrive in, in order that we might make a better world for ourselves and all living species!  

Contact Scott Terrell:   or 530 386-5678