Mission & Vision

U of Earth Mission Statement:

To develop and provide educational programs in multiple disciplines that foster creating a life-sustaining ecocentric society that works for us all, both humans and non-humans, and to create a model of a sustainable EcoHamlet campus as a model of life-enhancing community.


"The central mission of our times is the reinvention of the human; at the species level."

~Thomas Berry; Cultural Historian

U of Earth Vision:

We at University of Earth join many others in claiming that we are once again at a juncture in history when humanity is required to reinvent itself. With that, University of Earth provides educational programs for the graceful transition from our "Industrial Growth" anthropocentric society to an ecocentric society through reinventing the human. In many ways this reinvention is simply fulfilling our already identified greater human potentials or higher levels of human development.

We envision creating a number of life enhancing EcoHamlet campuses that honor both humans and non-humans where sustainable living can be explored and practiced. Additionally, U of Earth serves as a collaborative institution for individuals and other organizations to offer their unique gifts to our world in need.

Educational Programs:

Our educational programs are currently offered in two primary formats; workshops and online courses. All degree and certification programs at University of Earth are designed to help students discover their true purpose and gifts, prepare for our changing times, and develop a skill set that will give them the best possible opportunity to create a sustainable career in their chosen field.

Our Continuing Education (CEU) workshops are intended to encourage professionals in many fields to incorporate nature-based and ecocentric perspectives into their particular fields, while our Adult Education programs are intended to encourage a lifelong love of learning and an opportunity for personal and community development for all.

The online curriculum provides an innovative and flexible element to U of Earth with our mentorship program offering our graduates a career opportunity with the potential to join our faculty. Our quarterly gatherings serve as the forum for our students and faculty to come together in face to face nature-based workshops and celebrations.

EcoHamlet Campuses:

While our online curriculums can be completed right where you live, as was mentioned above, University of Earth intends to create a series of nature-based residential educational centers over time for the purpose of creating a culture that honors and integrates nature and society. To serve this end University of Earth will develop a body of students, faculty and members that are dedicated to fulfilling their greater human potentials, discovering their true purpose and providing particular services that facilitate the reinvention of society and the creation of life enhancing sustainable communities.

With the development of one  EcoHamlet campus currently underway in California, our residential educational centers will also serve as EcoRetreat centers where students, faculty, and visitors can get away for study and healing, rest and relaxation and enjoy a more intimate relationship with nature.